The Gino Marotta Archive is a non-profit cultural association, created in 2019.

It proposes to protect, valorize, divulge and promote the image of the artist Gino Marotta, carrying out study and arrangement of the whole corpus of his work and the relevant textual and photographic documentation through an activity of maintenance, research, scientific cataloguing and filing of all documents relating to the life and work of Gino Marotta in view of the publication of the Catalogue Raisonné. For this purpose it has a Scientific Committee constituted by a group of researchers and art critics.

The Archive has the objective of becoming a study and research workshop also favouring circulation of information through the enlargement of a vast digital archive partly already constituted. It therefore uses digital tools and the publishing activities necessary for the updating and sharing of knowledge related to the artist.

It promotes collection, publication and diffusion of the works, writings, documents, testimonies and any other useful material for historicizing and integrating notices regarding the life and artistic production of Gino Marotta, like photographs, unpublished writings, invitations, poster and also catalogues.

The Archive has the purpose of carrying out the complete cataloguing of the artist’s works. For this purpose it records all the known works and examines those not yet archived to include in its own records.

For study and research it is possible to consult the documentation of the Archive by appointment.

For publication of reproductions of works and photographs of the artist, the logo of the Archive and the content of the site, the Gino Marotta Archive must be asked for authorization.


The Archive guarantees confidential treatment of personal data and undertakes not to furnish them to third parties, except with the approval of the entitled person or persons.


Scientific Committee: PRESIDENT Isa Francavilla Marotta VICEPRESIDENT Carlo Francavilla Giorgia Calò Lorenzo Canova Laura Cherubini Manfredi Maretti Angelandreina Rorro Andrea Viliani

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